Monday, May 4, 2009

Video tour of Clayton i-house w/Kevin Clayton

Take a VIDEO TOUR of the i-house below from a Fox News interview with Kevin Clayton, at the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder's meeting in Omaha.

After clicking on the arrow in the center of the screen to start the video, in the lower right corner of the video click the icon, 2nd from the right, to get a full screen. Then, if you want to see the video in high quality, click on the "HQ" in the lower right.

Also, there's a beautiful 360 degree tour of this larger of the core units on the Clayton i-house website in my post below.


  1. its absolutely beautiful and sounds very affordable. sometimes things sound too good to be true but would love to check one out. I have been looking for an affordable home but it has not been easy. I wish more companies would actually work for the families instead of just their pocket.

  2. Clayton was able to build this home because they bought out Oakwood homes when it was in bankruptsy.....then they fired all the Oakwood employees (whom I might add were told that Clayton was a family oriented company and looked after their own people).....Nice going Clayton for looking after us we dont have jobs thanks to you.....but you have a New House to market and sell...I worked for the Vanderbilt mortgage end of Clayton homes.....we all lost our jobs that Clayton promised us we would keep......Promises Promises....way to go Clayton....I wouldnt step one foot inside one of your homes for fear I might fall thru the floor a second time


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