Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clayton i house has a FACEBOOK page

The Clayton i-house FACEBOOK page has many links to blogger's mention of the i-house, including satisfied owners or visitors.

Frankly, a few of the posts are kind of thin, e.g, "I love the i-house and want to get one." A few are quite good though, better than some of the articles.

For any blog posts by disgruntled owners, you'll have to tune into my page, because only I will link to them, ha ha.

Also, note to Nigerian mail scammers posing as beautiful Siberian women who just want plane fare to get the the U.S., the Clayton i-house is not dating anyone.

While I'm here, might as well throw in two opinions of the i-house by friends of mine, who have gone to visit it. One guy who hates manufactured homes, really liked the i-house but said he would be concerned with "investment value." Then again, he's very wealthy and looks at everything in terms of investment value.

Another friend of mine, who saw the model in Mesa, AZ, and she has a beautiful house, said she really liked everything about it, except the trim molding between the ceiling and wall. She thought it should be rounded, at least at the lower edge, rather than perfectly square. Like over half of the people interested in the i-house, according to my poll, this was the first time she ever went to a dealer of manufactured homes.


  1. Good post -- We look forward to learning more about this neat, attractive, and right-sized home. Your thought to include a couple of comments interests me -- it provides something to answer back upon. So I'm going to.

    While I understand someone regarding housing as an investment, I don't think we do anymore. Been there done that, with pretty good results overall (but not always). We left the real estate market almost exactly two years ago and have lived in a depreciating asset since. And you know what? It's just fine. Property taxes go down even as our RV (rolling home) becomes better and better. And, at our age, our next house may be our last one. We will buy or build it for ourselves. We won't be overly concerned about the end-game relative to the house value. We plan to figure out housing to suit us, not an investment model.

    Square vs radiused edge molding? An owner can change the molding to suit their tastes. We like the square edge trim throughout the iHouse, we think it suits the contemporary look of the house. We didn't, however, think the quality of finish was particularly great on some of the door casings, nor on the iHouse II's middle bedroom closet door. Oddly, several we've visited had this closet door closed before the trim or door finish paint was dry. So the paint blobbed and stuck on the otherwise smooth door surface. Not a big deal, easy to fix. But you'd kinda expect a model home to have attended to this sort of sample defect, eh?

    Count us as crazy in love with the iHouse, especially the II. The iHouse I has no bedroom closet, and the II has a very fine one with a laundry center in it as well. We like the space for the laundry in the master bedrm walk-in closet, instead of the laundry occupying the Kitchen's pantry space. Although we believe we would add a flex I, we still would like the spare middle bedroom. But it's the walk-in closet/laundry room and the kitchen that make the iHouse II our sole choice.

    Thanks for the space to comment, see you down the blog.

    dreamstreamr dot wordpress dot com

  2. It's something to think that Airstream trailer owners not only formed caravans to travel in, but were networked long before the web. The owners really know the product, and were always sharing tips, and advice about what went wrong on certain models, like the one configuration where the axles would get bent easily.

    In the i-house, I think most people prefer the extra bedroom, walk-in closet and laundry area in the 2 bedrm core i-house. However, the architect designed the one bedroom model first, and I think it is the best conception inside and out, not for function, but just the way it looks. The ceiling slope is less gradual, and the hallway is less long and narrow looking.


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