Thursday, May 26, 2011

Poor man's i-house

As I was making the rounds of manufacturers’ web sites, this stopped me in my tracks.

I think it is made by Marlette (owned by Clayton), out of their Hermiston, OR factory, and this model is for sale is at a dealer in Everett, WA, THE HERITAGE HOME CENTER.

The 700 sq. ft. one bedroom, one bath, “Value Edition 1440A” model pictured, has a base price of $34,000, but with the upgrades, like the photo, it is $56,000. Even the V-roof is a $7000 upgrade.

It is pretty nice looking but with a 8’ flat ceiling inside, and insulation of R22 (floor), R11 (walls), and R22 (roof), it just doesn’t…well, the Karsten SF 50, with an additional two bedrooms and bath, super insulation, and a 9’ ceiling, and lower price, would be a better buy.

It comes with 2 x 6” walls, which is good, and putting R-21 in them would be no problem, since this is built at the factory where the ihouse is made. If you’re interested, ask about stuffing more insulation in the roof too.

One thing I like about this particular design, the porch roof is extended more than on the i-house

What I like about dealers in the Northwest, is they sell single-wide homes with 2 x 6” walls because of code requirements, which seems to be a problem in the South. California and the Northwest have the strictest codes.

In ihouse 2.0 news, they’ve presented an improved floor plan, with a more open kitchen, which is a no-brainer. They‘ll probably be turning out a few for customers later this summer.


  1. I just heard that Clayton is closing their i-house production. Has anyone else heard this?

    1. A couple of weeks ago, Clayton said they were continuing with i-house production and sales, but I don't know about i-house II. That may be stalled. The market is HORRIBLE.


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