Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another short Fox News i-house video

This is an older video, a short tour of the i-house, where a Realtor extols the beauty of moving hard-to-sell pieces of property by putting i-houses on them, or something like that. She loves $green$, and the i-house, and so does Kevin Clayton! (Click on arrow square in lower right for full screen view.)

While I'm posting this video, because I had to delete one of my earlier posts (the one with the poll, which is now in a separate link), I'd like to repeat this reminder about doing the Clayton virtual tour (to be distinguished from the new video) in FULL screen size. The way to do that is, after starting it up, click twice on the screen. Then you have to start it again by RIGHT clicking on the screen, select SHOW TOOLBAR, to get the navigation menu at the bottom. (Move your cursor to the bottom for that to appear.) Then click on the arrow to start the video. Hit the "Esc" key to exit full view. This method does not work on the new video though.


  1. Have you communicated with anyone that has purchased an i-House? I'm wondering about their experience and final costs. I have been in contact with the corporate office to ask questions as they don't list all add-on options on the web site or discuss foundations. For example the doors shown in the video, 4 panel with transoms vs 3 panel are an add on.

    I'm considering this for a vacation home, i appreciate you solar calculations below. It was 1 option i was considering to drop. As a vacation home, however, most power would be sold back to the utility, so could make up the costs sooner.

  2. No, I have not communicated with anyone who has bought one. As of this date, they have only the one model in Knoxville, and I think most people are waiting until they see a model before they order one.

    Interesting about the doors...I knew that they had some optional windows in dotted lines on the floor plan which would be extra, but didn't know they'd installed special window or door options on the model home.

    While you can figure out that they've used the stainless upgrade, and the solid surface upgrade etc., I think that is a little deceptive about the windows, since I didn't find that on their website. Thanks for mentioning it.

    If I were to buy the home, I'd prefer less window area on either end, but it probably changes the appearance.


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