Monday, June 15, 2009

The ihouse model is stopping traffic in Washington

Not Washington DC, but Everett, Washington, 25 miles north of Seattle. In addition to the one in Knoxville, TN, the three new models should now be in:

Sacramento, CA
Everett, WA
Albuquerque, NM (At the Karsten factory location)

In Washington, according to an article in the county’s online news source, HERE, some drivers just passing by the Clayton i-house model are screeching on their brakes.

Another article about the model in Everett:

Is ihouse a model for modern modular?
by Aubrey Cohen of the

The model in Everett is the 2-bedroom core, with one bedroom flex w/roofdeck. I suspect it is the model they will be using in the other locations as well.

Readers! Please write in to comment on impressions upon seeing the model, in Everett or elsewhere.

I don’t know what dealers will do with the many people who see it from the road, and stop in to see it. I can't see them making people set up appointments, but who knows. Usually, manufactured home dealers are only too glad to let you tour the homes any time during their regular business hours.

When I tour the home in Albuquerque later this week, or early next week, I’ll try to get their policy straightened out on drop-ins vs. appointment only.

The first article mentions that there will be a model home in eight locations. This HAS to be pending initial interest in the home. I can see them having only the one model in New Mexico, for sure, but they’ll have to get one in Phoenix, and more locations in California, Texas, and the South as well.


  1. There will soon be an I House in Santa Fe, NM.

  2. Disregard the above comment. It is a come-on to sell addresses.

  3. I am posting a comment about the I House I am putting in Santa Fe, NM. I am making a statement, not a come-on or a sales advertizement.

  4. Okay, seems you had some delay or problem in getting your house, but it took you weeks to post anything on the website. Please don't link to anything, until there is something for people to read.

    Hope we can read that your situation worked out. I'm sure readers would like to read the good and the bad, about anyone's total experience from ordering, purchasing, delivering, and living in a house. Thank you.


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