Thursday, July 8, 2010

First Clayton ihouse in Santa Fe, sort of

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The ihouse and New Mexico skies go well together don't they? And it is only a few blocks from me! I know it well, because I put it there myself, with Gimp. (Free software like Photoshop.)

I might do another post on how this is done, if anyone is interested. Since the ihouse is quite different looking, most people might want to try doing this before buying the house, using a photo of their property.

I used my photo of the model in Albuquerque and then Gimped it in a photo I took of nearby land, in 347 easy steps. Well, to do it roughly would be easy and take only 10 or 15 minutes, but the refinements I did on this one took much longer.

Curious as to what the ihouse would look like in all galvalume?

Here are the two photos I combined:

You can see I even took out the reflection in the core unit's sliding door of a neighboring house, and also took the stickers off the transom windows.

This photo is eight miles outside of Santa Fe city limits, on the plain. Most of Santa Fe is not this void of vegetation, but it is where I live. However, I have views of four mountain ranges from my property, and my house was the least expensive property I could find that was habitable, when I bought it five years ago.

For those of you who want to try it HERE are my instructions of how to do it in Gimp.


  1. For some reason I can't resist writing, "Sure, it's hot, but it's a dry heat." Kidding. Your view is incredible and I enjoyed the Gimpified i-House standing in the desert in lonely splendor. Keep up the good work... I enjoy the blog (though I'm wondering what happened to the post about the Extreme home, the snarkiness of which was fun...) best

  2. Hi PJ, glad you like the photo. I removed the Extreme Home review and decided to start a new blog making that my first post. It should be linked in the upper right on each page on this blog,

    Greenotter's Manufactured Home Reviews


    Above is the address of the new blog.

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  5. I love these photographs, and can't wait to move back to Santa Fe and get my own ihouse. I would also love to learn how you created your shot with Gimp. I am glad to know it's free software, and will look for it now. Blessings and have a great Santa Fe day!

  6. Hi in2,

    I'm glad you'd like to learn Gimp. I wrote an explanation out before, but didn't want to post it, until at least one person showed interest in trying it.

    I added the link to the bottom of this post.

  7. I like these pictures! The design's unique, too. It is merely my first time to see this kind of house design. Looks so nice, as well! I haven't checked all the contents of your blog, so I'm just curious if you can design houses also, or you just make reviews on them? 'Coz I think your blog is excellent!

    My neighbor doesn't have an i-house actually, and so do I. But his house's kinda amazing because some of them are made from recycled bottles and twigs from the trees. It's also cool because he's got nice iron entry doors (just not sure if it's recycled or not). And with that, I'm now open to recycling my stuff also at home. Save the mother earth!

  8. Hi Candie, yes, a few years ago, I played around with designing some simple, inexpensive, small, passive solar homes. They looked like the homes of a company called "Ideabox," but with bigger eaves.

    "The greenest home is the home you have" is the environmentalists' saying. That is, if it isn't a huge house that is hard to heat and too expensive to make greener.

    There are several recycled non-manufactured homes that are more energy efficient and more Earth-friendly to build than manufactured homes, but the idea of a zero-energy or very low energy manufactured home that would be affordable and popular because of its looks, price and function is still something I'd like to see happen.

  9. You have prepared first Clayton house and almost configuration is ready, which is good thing that yo have complete your task in short period of time.

  10. I love this, Really your view is incredible and I enjoyed the Gimpified i-House standing in the desert in lonely splendor.


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