Monday, August 23, 2010

Clayton ihouse 2.0 coming soon

Fill 'er up!

These are the plans (see note in red below) for the new larger ihouse 2.0. I like that they've added more overhang to the roof, but don't think they should have stuck with a butterfly roof design. It's bad enough getting leaves and blown dirt out of gutters but to have a large roof configured in a shape that collects them...

2017 note: The i-house was in production for only a few years, and any plans for a doublewide i-house 2.0 are long dead.) Don't despair! With Warren Buffet's money, Clayton will come out with exciting things, just as they did with this 2015 AMIE 3D-printed carbon fiber prototype house in cooperation with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and others. 

Here's Preston Koerner's take on the plans for the new ihouse, from JETSON GREEN.

I'll have more to add to this post when I look at them more carefully. It certainly doesn't look like it is going to be cheap, but the people clamoring for a larger house should be happy.

Here's the offical ihouse 2.0 plan form, where you can write about all you like and don't like about the house plans. (Frankly, this is what they should have done for the first incarnation! It's a very good idea.)


    My Ihouse - Obviously we are still working on the interior decorating, we love our IHouse
    Kathryn Marino

  2. A Rising ratio of house prices to incomes means that it is increasingly difficult for first time buyers (young people) to get on the property ladder.

  3. I want this ihouse2. BADLY. We have 5 acres and we are in love with the ihouse but it just didn't have enough rooms for us under the same roof. This is *perfect* I can no wait to tour one, sit in it and buy it!


  4. The ihouse2 is an encouraging development. Taking this next step could convince us to be a Clayton customer. We were just so excited about ihouse1 as it perfectly fit our customer profile...a retired couple with country property but committed to the city. We would buy ihouse1 but are concerned that it just didn't go far enough for the market...i.e. too narrow of a market makes it difficult to consider this as part of our estate. ihouse2 could be the solution we have been wanting.
    A Kansas City Couple

  5. This iHouse 2.0 has good exterior design for a bungalow. I like how the roofing is planned. I think flat roofing is much attractive these days 'coz they look less complicated. There are house companies that I was able to find online and most bungalow houses in Miami that I saw earlier have flat roofs.

  6. very nice bungalow .. perfect combination ..

  7. Over here you have shared about the plan and configuration details of i-house which is coming son. It is really nice details that you have shred with us.

    Ok, I know only 9 I houses sold, but hey, you would be making some dreams come true if you brought that exact picture to fruition.
    Namely mine.



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